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Coles Sugar White 1kg

Coles Sugar White 1kg

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We're very proud that this pack contains Bonsucro Certified sugar, harvested by Australian sugarcane farmers. The Bonsucro Standard is a globally recognised scheme that ensures sugarcane production practices are environmentally sustainable. Working with Bonsucro is part of our effort to protect Australia's precious habitats such as the Great Barrier Reef. ALWAYS GROWN AT HOME Every spoonful of Coles Sugar comes from right here in Australia. For years, passionate Australian farmers have been growing sugar cane in the idyllic conditions along the sunny coastline from Queensland to New South Wales. Today, they use innovative techniques and world-leading technology to grow and harvest sugar cane responsibly and sustainably, protecting our natural Australian resources. In local sugar mills, the sugar is purified and refined to create the natural texture and delicious flavour you love. Whether you use the sugar for baking, cooking or sprinkling, you're bringing a flavour of the Australian way into your kitchen. And we think that makes it taste all the sweeter.
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