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Life Savers Fruit Tingles 150g

Life Savers Fruit Tingles 150g

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Fruit Tingles, it’s chocolate crunch time! Things are getting sweet with all new Life Savers® Fruit Tingles Balls that are ready to tingle your taste buds pink! These fun, bite size milk chocolate balls are an explosion of deliciousness with tangy Fruit Tingles and velvety smooth Darrell Lea® chocolate and a pink shell covering to add that extra crunch! The Life Savers® Fruit Tingles Balls are the new IT snack on the block for all chocolate and lolly lovers. We’ve taken our fan favourite Fruit Tingles and levelled them up with delicious milk chocolate; it’s the collaboration you never knew you needed! Perfect for snacking and sharing, Life Savers® Fruit Tingles Balls is everything you need for a mouth-watering movie night snack or picnic offering to share with friends or family. Whether you’re looking for a chocolate & lolly combo party snack for your kids or a cheeky after work munch, Life Savers® Fruit Tingles Balls is for you! Life Savers® has been an innovative icon down under since 1921, so we want nothing but the best for our chocolate and cocoa lovers out there! That’s why our Life Savers® Fruit Tingles Balls are the ideal party treat or perfect to throw in your popcorn bucket at the movies. The possibilities are endless! Crush them up and add them to your favourite dessert or sweet recipe. Try adding them to your rocky road or use them to decorate cakes to nail the sweet & tangy flavour combo; you’ll be sure to be asked for your recipes for weeks!
Made in Australia
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