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Continental DEB Instant Mashed Potato with Onion 115g

Continental DEB Instant Mashed Potato with Onion 115g

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When you're busy, time is of the essence. Making a yummy mashed potato to accompany your meal takes time. Continental's Instant Mashed Potato lets you make deliciously smooth and creamy mashed potato without the fuss. Available in handy sachets, keep a couple in your pantry so it's ready when you are. How to Prepare: Pour boiling water into a bowl and stir in Deb Instant Mashed Potato. Allow to stand for 30 seconds; stir again. For a serving for 1 (Approx. 190g of mashed potato), add 2/3 cup (170ml) of boiling water to 1/2 cup of Deb Instant Mash Potato. For a serving for 3 (Approx. 560g of mashed potato), add 2 cups (500ml) of boiling water to 350g of Deb Instant Mash Potato. For firmer mashed potato, use less water. For softer mashed potato, use more water. For creamier mashed potato, substitute hot milk for up to half of the water and ass 1-2 tablespoons margarine or butter. Freshly ground salt and pepper may also be added if desired. At Continental, we love food the way you do. We know how much you value good, nutritious, flavourful food, as well as authentic home cooking. It feels good to cook, and even better to bring pleasure to the ones you love, through the food you put on the table. For over 50 years now, our chefs at Continental have combined their expertise, love of flavour, and only the finest ingredients to help you create great tasting meals every day.
  • Ready in an instant
  • Smooth, creamy mashed potato without the fuss
  • No added MSG
  • Serves 3
  • Made in Australia
  • Just add water.
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