Shipping with Bunnasia

Time to shop from Australia? Let us be your shopping partners!


You can send us the details of what you want to buy and the stores you want to buy from, we can then give you a price to purchase the items, and deliver to your door in Thailand or pick up from our store in Laos.  Our price includes all freight and taxes.  Let us take the headache out of importing your goods.

Simply chose the products you want and then we order online and have delivered to our warehouse in Brisbane.  Then we arrange all shipping, customs clearances and taxes.  You can pay into out Lao (USD or KIP) , Thai (Baht) or Australian bank (AUD)  for the products and shipping. 

As an example we had a customer who purchased some items from Bunnings and Jbhifi.  The purchases were valued at $885 AUD, the freight and taxes were $286 USD.  The customer chose to send the AUD payment to our bank in Australia as this was easy for him and saved him exchange fees, and then paid for the freight in out Kip bank.  The goods were ordered and delivered to his house on arrival.


To get started simply send us your shopping list and we will do the rest.  You can take a screen shot of your basket or send a list to the whatsapp number below or to our facebook page .  



📞WhatsApp us at 020 59 871 114 for more information!


Here are some Australian shops we suggest 



Big W




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