Blackmores Probiotics Womens Flora Balance 30 capsules

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Blackmores PROBIOTICS+ WOMEN's FLORA BALANCE has 2.3 billion good bacteria which maintains healthy vaginal flora.

Blackmores PROBIOTICS+ WOMEN's FLORA BALANCE is formulated with two clinically trialled* probiotic strains to support good vaginal bacteria. PROBIOTICS+ WOMEN's FLORA BALANCE need not be refrigerated. It’s a specialized formulation process and packaging technology helps prevent moisture from harming the good bacteria, helping keep them alive.

•Contains clinically trialed* strains based on scientific evidence

•2.3 billion good bacteria

•Promotes and balances good vaginal bacteria

•Helps support good vaginal bacteria levels and maintain vaginal health

•Gluten free

•Comes in a handbag-friendly canister pack

•Travel friendly, no refrigeration required

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