**HIRE SHOP **  Ozito 850W Router  ໂລເຕີ (G6)

**HIRE SHOP ** Ozito 850W Router ໂລເຕີ (G6)

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 Available for rent from Hire Shop,

Deposit of 1.500 Baht required.  Rental rate is per 24 hours.
    • Variable speed lets you control the speed to suit the routing application
    • Lock-on switch enables two-handed operation for improved cutting accuracy
    • Spindle lock makes bit changes quick and easy
    • Dust extraction facility helps to keep the work environment clean
    • 3 Year replacement warranty

    This Ozito 850W Router is ideal for the home handyman looking to shape, decorate and edge timber. With a guide fence and variable speed, you can adjust this tool to suit your DIY project.

    Variable speed allows ultimate control over motor speed to suit working material, which helps to produce a cleaner cut. Sure grip handles offer increased user comfort and a dust extraction facility for a cleaner work environment.

    Combined, these features make this router ideal for shaping edges, duplicating shapes, trimming countertops and adding decorative touches to timber pieces such as doors, furniture and table tops.

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