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FilterKleer 1 gal

FilterKleer 1 gal


All filter media need to be cleaned and de-greased every 12 months.

In recent times the Australian Skin Council has embarked on an education plan to help ward off skin cancers by using all forms of suntan lotions and block out. Although it’s very important to stop sunburn, it has caused problems with pool filtration, but they can easily be overcome by “de-greasing” the filter media.

All filter media are effected. Cartridge filters, sand media, glass media - even Zelbrite filter media. This can be done simply by using FILTERKLEER. From experience, this needs to be done every 12 months to clean all the oil and grease out of the media and is best done during the warmer months when the water temp is over 24 degrees. This will help release the build-up which will cause the backwashing to become more frequent.

Frequent backwashing uses more water and more chemicals which increases the cost of running a pool. Use FILTERKLEER while backwashing as follows: For an average filter you would need to use 1 to 2 litres of detergent per filter depending on bathing loads. This can be put into the strainer pot before starting backwashing - when the pump is started up the detergent will enter the filter from the bottom washing up through all the filter media removing the build-up of grease and oil which will then be pumped out through the backwash line and down the drain.


Caution: Wear gloves and protective clothing. Keep out of reach of children.


Sand-type filters (sand, Zelbrite™, glass media)

1. Dilute 1 litre with 10 litres of water in a bucket

2. Stop the pumping cycle

3. Drain the filter overnight and replace the drain plug.

4. Remove the Multi-Port Valve (top mount filters)  or the lid (side mount filters)

5. Pour the mixture into the filter.

6. Replace the MPV or filter lid.

7. Leave for 12 hours.

8. Backwash and rinse.


Cartridge filters

1. Remove the cartridges

2. Soak the cartridge for 6 hours in a mixture of FILTERKLEER and warm water diluted 1:10

3. Clean the filter inside and out with the garden hose.

3. Replace the filter.