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KristalKleer 1 gal
KristalKleer 1 gal

KristalKleer 1 gal


KristalKleer is a liquid flocculant that coagulates dirt,  organic debris, and dead green algae that cause cloudy or green water. Clarifies the water by eliminating the colloidal particles that cause cloudiness.
Dilute with water and pour over the pool surface. Run pump  for 1 cycle (6 hours) and switch off for 12 hours. Allow to coagulate and settle. Vacuum the pool floor and backwash the filter.

DOSING (single treatment):60cc for 10,000 litres (20m3). Repeat every 24 hours until water is clear.
(Maintenance): 30cc for 10,000 litres (10m3) weekly.

About this product

Flocculant 3.78 liters. Clarifies the water eliminating colloidal particles causing water cloudiness.

A polymer flocculant for coagulating microscopic particles in suspension in pool water that would otherwise pass through even the best filter media (does not remove dissolved solids).


  • Low cost compared with other brands of the same product
  • Very safe to use

Contains Aluminum chlorohydrate and Aluminum oxychloride  AlnCl(3n-m)(OH)m