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Pool Salt 25kg
Pool Salt 25kg

Pool Salt 25kg

PLEASE READ FIRST. Salt for use with saltwater chlorination systems.
• Specially prepared by TRS for swimming pools and spas.
• High quality naturally mined salt, clean, white, very low levels of insoluble solids.
• Fine salt crystals, easy to pour, fast dissolving.

Do not use any other kinds of salt.

How much salt does a pool need? Normally between 3kg and 5kg (depending on brand and model) of salt for every 1,000 liters (m3) (220 gallons) of swimming pool volume is required to reach 3,000 to 4,000 ppm. So you would need about 9 x 25 Kg bags to start a typical 10 x 4 pool. Different chlorinators require slightly different levels of salinity so do follow the manufacturers' recommendation for best results.

Filter media: For best results when using a saltwater chlorinator, you may wish to change the sand in your filter for Zelbrite filter media.


Sodium chloride(NaCl: %) 97.5 ( Dry basis ) By difference
Moisture (%) 2.5 Oven Dry
Insoluble matter(%) 0.05 Gravimetric
Calcium (Ca; ppm) 15.00 Titration
Magnesium (Mg;ppm) 1.00 Titration
Iron (Fe;ppm) 5.00 Spectrophotometry
Sulphate (So4; %) 0.025 Titration
Potassium ferrocyanide(ppm) 10.00max Spectrophotometry