Rack It 400kg 2135 x 430mm Black Upright Shelving

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Rack It 400kg uprights are the foundation of the Rack It system.

Each upright features slots along the entire length of the upright enabling you to attach beams at any elevation you desire.

Slots are dual-sided allowing you to extend the length of your Rack It system without the need to buy an additional two uprights.

Beams simply connect into the slots of each upright via the notches on each beam. Simply tap down with a rubber mallet to secure into place.

For added security, we suggest adding safety pins to ensure beams to not lift whilst the system is under load.

Rack It 400kg uprights comes in height of  2135mm, and depth of 430mm and are 45mm in thickness.

2135mm High 430mm Deep Designed for 400mm deep shelving

Find Rack It 400kg 2135 x 430mm Black Upright Shelving at Bunnasia.

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