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E-Lumen 35W LED, cool white
E-Lumen 35W LED, cool white

E-Lumen 35W LED, cool white

E-Lumen Underwater Light applies the LED technology which has been proved to be the most eco-friendly light source with high efficiency, life span, and quality. The special design of the lens provides a sleek profile against the pool wall allowing for efficient use of pool cleaners.

1  Combines Ultra-Thin LED panel technology

2  Superior geometric lens strengthen the light beam throughout the wide-angle lens and lighten the entire pool

3  Up to 25,000 hours lifetime, 10 times more than traditional lights

4  Unlike other LED lights, E-Lumen keeps working even a single LED bulb goes out

5  Change the mood of your pool and spa by pressing the on/off button

6  Light-duty power usage works well with any standard/ your existing transformer

7  Emaux’s lighting control box (RGB-CB) with remote allows you to manage the pool with an easygoing, relaxed lifestyle


  • Easy wall-mount design for time and cost-saving
  • The special geometry design of the E-lumen lens enables it to cover a wider angle of light and increase the lighting distance
  • Wall-mount design for easy and cost-saving installation.
  • Continuous operation if a single LED fails.


Power & Voltage: 35W/12V AC, 50/60Hz
Waterproof Standard: IP68
Concrete Pool & Vinyl Pool Compatible