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Emaux SB15 1.5HP pump
Emaux SB15 1.5HP pump

Emaux SB15 1.5HP pump

Emaux™ SB series heavy duty with 2" ports.

SB Series are heavy-duty pumps for use in both high and medium head installations in medium to large-size domestic and commercial pools and spas. SB pumps are quite running.

Engineered to deliver ultra-performance to both high and medium head installations this high flow pump is designed to exceed builder, service professional, and customer requirements.

Available sizes & flow rate (at 10m head)


Max flow rate
SB10  1HP up to 11 m3/hr
SB15  1.5HP up to 19.5 m3/hr
SB20  2HP up to 25.2 m3/hr
SB30  3HP up to 28.2 m3/hr


  • Asynchronous, two-pole motor
  • 2" ports
  • Vibration-free heavy-duty PVC plinth - easy pump removal.
  • Supplied complete with unions
  • Class insulation:130 IPX5 Waterproof Standard
  • Overload Protector
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • Heavy duty
  • High performance in both high and medium head installations
  • For use in commercial pools and larger domestic pools
  • NSK bearing
  • Non-corrosive materials allow operation under all weather conditions.
  • Ring lock seal to eliminate suction leaks
  • External heat sink for maximum cooling
  • 220V/50Hz. Available in 380V/50Hz (SB30, 3HP only),
  • Specially designed unions accommodate both metric & imperial standards
  • Recommendation: Installed by SPTpools as the default series with their larger domestic and medium-sized commercial pools.


1 year limited warranty

Available parts

All - please see THIS PAGE