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PH&CL test  kit

PH&CL test kit

Image indicative only. Brand according to stock. There are many brands on the market, they all contain exactly the same chemical reagents. The only difference is the price. Some of the more expensive ones are designed with slightly larger plastic tubes which require 5 or 6 drops instead of 3 or 4 to make you use it up quicker. The result of the test is exactly the same as the cheaper test kits.


Orthotolidine, o-toluidine, OTO; An organic compound with the chemical formula (C6H4(CH3)NH2)2. It was widely used as a reagent or indicator in analytical, clinical, and forensic chemistry, such as in the analytical determination of gold, or determination of the chlorine level in swimming pool water.

Phenol red (phenolsulfonphthalein or PSP) is a pH indicator frequently used in cell biology laboratories with the chemical formula C19H14O5S. It is sometimes labeled with a different name, such as "Guardex Solution #2". It is widely used as a pH indicator in home swimming pool test kits

Available reagent refills:

Screwcap  bottles