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Cold Power Regular Laundry Detergent Capsules (45pk) 630g

Cold Power Regular Laundry Detergent Capsules (45pk) 630g

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Cold Power Triple Capsules Laundry Detergent 3 in 1 formula -45 washloads - for front and top loaders

Cold Power Triple Caps' advanced formula delivers 3 benefits in one easy-to-use cap for an outstanding clean in cold water: brighter white, stain removal power, long-lasting fragrance.

Just throw the capsule directly into the drum where it dissolves and starts acting immediately on contact with water, even in cold or quick washes! 

Embrace the cold.

- Smart for your clothes.
- Smart for your pocket.
- Smart for the planet. 

Cold Power is the smart choice for your laundry! 

Negligible Phosphorus 45 washes (Based on recommended dose for normal load (as indicated).

Sustainability Information
100% water soluble film.
100% recyclable packaging (if sleeve is removed, see below zip).
90% less water used in production (compared to Cold Power liquids).

Cold Power Triple Capsules 3 in 1 formula: Brighter whites, stain removal power & long-lasting fragrance

Be sustainable - wash cold! Cold water uses less energy, reduces the environmental impact and is gentler to your clothes

3 benefits in one easy-to-use capsule
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