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Finish Ultimate Pro Lemon 32pk

Finish Ultimate Pro Lemon 32pk

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Finish Ultimate Pro Dishwashing Tablets Lemon Sparkle is all in 1 and can remove stubborn 24 hour dried-on stains. Our advanced clean + ACTIVELIFT technology, diamond shine, care & protect (Contains agents known to help protect glasses against corrosion and clouding. This product does not protect from mechanical damage or restore already damaged items). Save water. No pre-rinse needed.

Finish Ultimate Pro All in 1, for our ultimate clean & diamond shine 1st time, every time. Its advanced chemistry is effective at breaking down all types of food residues, even stubborn 24h dried-on stains, without pre-rinsing. The Tabs help protect and care for your glassware and cutlery, maintaining their shine wash after wash. Contains 15% less chemical weight than Finish's traditional pressed powder tablets (vs. Finish Power Essential Tabs).
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