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Easy-Off Drain Turbo Gel 1L

Easy-Off Drain Turbo Gel 1L

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Easy-Off Drain Cleaner Turbo Gel’s heavy-duty formula helps power through tough clogs with ease! Our most powerful drain solution yet!
Have an emergency blockage? Easy-Off Drain Cleaner Turbo Gel starts to clear drains in 5 minutes!*
Easy-Off Drain Cleaner Turbo Gel is easy to use! Its powerful formula unblocks and unclogs pipes and drains in many different areas of the house. You can use it for your kitchen drains, bathroom showers, baths, basins and more!
Eliminate the bad smelling odours that come with those difficult blockages too! Easy-Off Drain Cleaner Turbo Gel removes odour causing bacteria like E.coli and S.aureus
whilst getting to work on unblocking that pesky clog.


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