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Smith's Crinkle Cut Chilli 170g

Smith's Crinkle Cut Chilli 170g

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Perfect Size To Spice Up Any Occasion
Our Smith's Chilli Chips are perfect to share among family and friends at your next party or pass around on movie nights. Smith's Crinkle Cut Chilli Potato Chips will be sure to have you at the edge of your seat and reaching for more. They're the perfect size to keep the entire back row satisfied during long road trips and just as good for pairing with your favourite outdoor activities, like as a post-game snack on Saturdays.

Add an Extra Kick of Flavour to Your Lunchboxes
Better yet, the 170g pack is ideal to divvy into tasty portions for lunch boxes or to pop into your work lunch bags. Let the mouthwatering flavours of Smith's Chips keep your whole family's cravings at bay.

A Gluten-Free Chilli Snack Everyone Can Enjoy
Smith's Chilli Chips are a gluten-free snack sensation with unbeatable crunch and just the right amount of heat to spice up your pantry snack selection. With no artificial colours or flavours, you won't have to worry about popping any hidden nasties into the lunch box or work lunch bag.

100% Made From Aussie Potatoes
Our Smith's Potato Chips use only the finest Aussie potatoes that are carefully sourced from proud local Aussie farmers. That's why Smith's Chips are the Aussie pantry staple perfect for bringing fun to any occasion.
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