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Smith's Crinkle Cut Barbecue 170g

Smith's Crinkle Cut Barbecue 170g

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An Aussie-Proud Favourite
Since introducing Australia to its first flavoured chip in 1961, Smith's has delivered a range of delicious and unforgettable flavours. Paired with Aussie grown potatoes, barbecue has quickly become a well-known favourite for their tasty seasoning that's provided with every crunch.

Potato Crisps With No Hidden Nasties
Smith's Crinkle Cut Barbecue Potato Chips are made with quality ingredients and no artificial colours so you can enjoy them with peace of mind. That's what makes them ideal to pack as lunchbox snacks for your kids when they head back to school, or even just to keep hidden away from prying hands in your desk drawer at work.

Perfect to Share on Road Trips or Gatherings
Crack open a packet while watching the footy finals or when you're on the road with friends. Smith's Crinkle Cut Barbecue Potato Chips are the perfect snack for when you just want to relax and enjoy some delicious chips while with friends. Grab a bag of Smith's Chips today to make the moment you're in more delicious and memorable.
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