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Norsca Clear Passion Flower 24hr 150g

Norsca Clear Passion Flower 24hr 150g

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The last thing you want to worry about is white marks on your favourite black outfit. Norsca Clear passion flower is specifically formulated to protect your skin and clothes against white marks. This special technology is delicately blended with the hypnotic scent of Passion Flowers bathed in soft sunlight, to delicately hypnotize your senses. This is the deodorant you can trust to protect your clothes while Norsca's new generation 'Actigard' formula, provides you with lasting protection against perspiration, odour-causing bacteria and wetness. Norsca Clear Passion Flower is your must have necessity for any party season, at it ensures you finish your day as fresh as you started. Finish your day as fresh as you started!
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