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Arnott's Jatz Original 225g

Arnott's Jatz Original 225g

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Arnott’s Jatz Original is a crunchy, lightly salted savoury biscuit that’s a classic Aussie snack. Made from 100% Australian-sourced wheat, they’re an original cracker to enjoy with a topping, a dip or just by themselves!

Arnott’s Jatz Original is a delicious crowd-pleaser with a tasty base and great crunch. These crackers have been oven baked the famous Arnott’s way for over 70 years. Crafted for their versatility, these Australian biscuits are perfect to dip, top or snack on. Grab a packet for a tasty cracker snack when you’re planning an afternoon of socialising. Or find a spot in the sun, pop them in a bowl and enjoy a peaceful me-time treat. These tasty cracker bites are oven baked, not fried, and foil packed for freshness. It’s no surprise that Jatz is Australia’s favourite cracker biscuit.

Australia’s favourite cracker* (*IRI MarketEdge Total Grocery Australia 2021).
Made from 100% Australian-sourced wheat.
Oven baked, not fried.
Plant based and foil packed for freshness.
Aussie made, Aussie loved.
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