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CSR Caster Sugar 1kg

CSR Caster Sugar 1kg

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Australia's Premium Sugar 100% natural and quick-dissolving, CSR Caster Sugar is great for sponge cakes and meringue-based desserts. This sugar comes in fine crystals, allowing for more air to be incorporated into your baking mixtures for the perfect textured sponges and pavlovas. Whether you're making a light and fluffy meringue or a deliciously soft cupcake, CSR Caster Sugar is an essential ingredient. These fine dissolving crystals are crafted from 100% Australian sugarcane to help you achieve mouth-watering results with every bake. This sugar is also suitable for savoury cooking and sweetening beverages, making it perfect for your everyday kitchen needs. 100% Natural CSR Caster Sugar is an essential baking ingredient for cakes and meringues. It dissolves instantly is 100% natural, crafted from 100% Australian sugarcane.
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