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Gasmate Ceramic BBQ Briquette 25 Pack

Gasmate Ceramic BBQ Briquette 25 Pack

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Gasmate Ceramic Briquette 25pk (GMCR25)

The Gasmate Ceramic Briquettes 25pack is a pack of 25 Ceramic Briquettes, great for use in your BBQ. They are suitable for use with the Gasmate Cast Iron Flame Tamer to provide an enhanced BBQ flavour, reduced flare-ups and an overall better BBQ experience.

To be used with an existing flame tamer that accommodates this type of ceramic briquette. Also can be used with a Gasmate cast iron flame tamer GFTCB4 for 4 burner BBQs & GFTCB3 for 3 & 6 burner BBQs.

  • Suits ceramic briquette flame tamers
  • Gives food an enhanced BBQ flavour
  • Reduces flare-ups
  • Pack of 25
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