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Maltesers Original 140g

Maltesers Original 140g

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Road trips, gossip sessions, coffee dates, party fun, this family share bag of milk chocolate MALTESERS is highly social and simply loves creating lighthearted moments with everyone. Each bite gives you a melt-in-the-mouth experience thanks to the crisp and light malt centre covered with smooth milk chocolate deliciousness. Try adding them to popcorn for a movie night snack or create a bowl of lollies for the party table. And if you're feeling in a baking mood these crunchy chocolatey treats are famous for creating spectacular displays on frosted cakes and taste magic in rocky road fudge cheesecakes and more.
  • Crisp light malt centres covered with smooth milk chocolate deliciousness.
  • Perfect to share at a party or add to a lolly bowl.
  • Try them on your ice cream or add as a baking decoration to your next cake. 
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