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Panadol Children 7+ Years Chewable Tablet 12pk

Panadol Children 7+ Years Chewable Tablet 12pk

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Children’s Panadol chewable tablets 7+ years is part of the Children’s Panadol range of paracetamol-based pain relief, which has been trusted for children’s pain and fever for over 60 years.Panadol Children Chewable 7+ Cherry is an effective temporary relief of fever and pain associated with: Teething, immunisation, earache, headache, cold & flu symptoms.

Give your child effective relief from pain or fever with Panadol Chewable Tablets – a child-friendly form of chewable Panadol that’s suitable for little ones who either can’t or don’t like to swallow regular tablets.

Whether your child is suffering from a headache, earache or a fever, paracetamol (the active ingredient in Panadol Chewable Tablets) works to relieve pain and reduce fever.

Paracetamol reduces fever in toddlers and young children for up to six hours, and also helps to relieve pain caused by:
- Teething
- Immunisation
- Earache
- Headache
- Cold and flu symptoms

Panadol Chewable Tablets can be easily dissolved in the mouth without the use of water, making it a pain relief option for active little ones when they’re out and about.

For effective temporary relief of fever & pain associated with teething, earache, headache, immunisation and cold & flu symptoms.

Starts to reduce fever in just 15 minutes
Reduces fever, gentle on little stomachs
Cherry flavour
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