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Snickers 44g

Snickers 44g

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NOW IN A RECYCLABLE PAPER-BASED WRAPPER! Packed with peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate, SNICKERS really satisfies. Game nights. Bush hikes. Long commutes. Threethirtyitis. Wherever. Whenever. Feeling adventurous? Rip open a few SNICKERS chocolates and get baking. It's the original deliciously satisfying chocolate bar made to conquer hunger.
The perfect satisfying treat for those hungry moments on the go, packed with nuts.
Proudly Australian Made. We take pride in producing SNICKERS at our local manufacturing facility in Victoria.
We've swapped PLASTIC FOR PAPER-BASED PACKAGING. After you've enjoyed, please place the empty wrapper in the RECYCLING BIN.
Made in Australia.

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