Yard Guard 30W Premium Bug Zapper

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 Yard Guard 30W Premium Bug Zapper

The premium Yard Guard 30 Watt Bug Zapper has been designed for use in semi rural and rural applications.

The high powered transformer designed to operate effective in high humidity and temperatures provides 5000 Volts of power to the electrified killing grid, exploding most insects as soon as they touch the grid.

The high power grid is suitable for use in areas with high insect infestation as the transformer provides a continuous power to the killing grid killing every insect instantaneously.

The 30 Watt globes attracts insects over 3/4 acre, the bug zapper is constructed from UV resistant, weatherproof polycarbonate and is suitable for permanent outdoor installation.

Transformer powered 5000V Electrified Killing grid suitable for rural/semi-rural/suburban applications 30W Replaceable UV light Weatherproof construction; suitable for permanent outdoor installation Constructed from rugged and UV stabilised polycarbonate plastic Coverage: 3/4 AcreFind Yard Guard 30W Premium Bug Zapper at Bunnasia.

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